Magical Floral Summer Baby Shower

Magical Floral Summer Baby Shower

Published on 13th September '19

I started off working with Lily to plan a baby shower for 100 guests, with the theme of a “Magical Floral Summer”. We started off with a mood board and worked together to bring this to life at the amazing Colony Group in Wilmslow. 

Baby Shower Summer

The team of wonder women at Daisy Amodio decorated the luxurious space with creative balloons, a beautiful floral wall and magnificent light up letters. There was also a dessert station and fun baby shower games to add to the occasion. 

Summer Baby Shower

Along with our floral summer theme, we also made sure Nigeria rang through it, with food native to the African country for an authentic taste for the Nigerian side of the family.

The jubilation of the day began as the couple opened their personalised surprise gender reveal box. With blue balloons and confetti floating into the air, family and friends ran towards the over-joyous Ade and Lily; celebrating their first boy together after already having their beautiful daughter.

Summer Baby Shower

As the emotions cleared slightly, trumpet players marched onto the scene with a town cryer leading them in the direction of the couple. Lily, Ade, their family and friends, watched on as the town cryer announced the name of their soon-to-be baby boy.

The emotional moment was met with fanfares from the trumpet players, while baby blue confetti again rained down on the couple. 

Floral Summer Baby Shower

A huge congratulations to Lily and Ade, I'm so glad myself and my team could be a part of this special day.

Daisy x